World Nomad Games. What??

Our dear friend and owner of the marvelous Langley store ‘Music for the Eyes’ , Fred Lundahl, recently returned from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan where he attended the World Nomad Games – possibly the largest sporting event in the world that no one in America has ever heard of. As we listened and shared in the discovery and excitement of this rich and unique event, involving 3000 athletes from 82 different countries playing 37 different sports, all having some roots in nomadic cultures – we knew you would want to hear about it too!

Read Fred’s Travel Blog Here to find out more about the 17 different types of wrestling, including horseback wrestling, seven different types of archery, including archery on a galloping horses, hunting with Golden Eagles and Hawks and Falcons. The most popular sport, however, in terms of the number of thousands of people watching from a huge stadium with instant replay and aerial cameras, was Kok Boru or “Goat pulling”. In this sport played from Mongolia throughout Central Asia to Afghanistan and Iran, teams of horsemen struggle to haul a dead Goat carcass down a long field into a goal while the other team tries to stop them and pull the Goat carcass away from their competitors. It is a rough sport. Loud music and instant replays make it a lot like watching any major league football match in America….except for the dead goat.

The most amazing discovery was a Kok Boru team from America! These cowboys from Jackson Hole Wyoming, who had become interested in the sport, after finding it on the internet and deciding it would be fun to play. – have a particularly great story to tell about their experience of cross-cultural exchange. “At the end of the day – we all want the same thing…we learn to share love in a common language…and that might have been Kok Buru!

Click here to watch the American Kok Buru Team