Traditions of Ukraine: Dinner Menu

Borscht (борщ)
The Ukrainian classic beetroot soup as you’ve never tasted it before.

Winter Salad (салат Оливье)
A delicious melange of potatoes, peas, onion and Ukrainian kielbasa.

Beet Vinaigrette Salad
A traditional Ukrainian salad made from beets, potatoes, and green onions with a special vinaigrette dressing. (Vegetarian)

Stuffed Cabbage (Голубці)
Rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with spices, ground beef, rice, and onions.

Buckwheat Goulash (гуляш)
Traditional Ukrainian meat goulash with hearty buckwheat.

Cabbage Piroshki (пиріжки)
Stuffed Ukrainian buns baked to golden perfection. (Vegetarian)

Soft Cheese Blintz (млинці)
Thin, crêpe-like pancakes filled with soft cheese: a traditional Ukrainian winter meal celebrating the return of the sun. (Vegetarian)

Pelmeni (пельмені)
Delicious dumplings stuffed with spices, beef, pork, and onions.

Dessert (десерт)
An assortment of Ukrainian sweets, pastries, and fresh fruit. (Vegetarian)

Tea, wine, and other refreshments will be served with and after dinner.