The Heart of Cuba Event Photos and Thank Yous

Our most recent Language of Food event, The Heart of Cuba, was a wonderfully full evening of education, music, dance, good food, and good company! We’d like to take a moment to thank all of those special people that made the evening possible, starting with you, our guests!

Thank you! You are the heart of what we do and we appreciate your active participation in fostering cross-cultural understanding!


We would like to offer our immense gratitude to chef Sergio Martinez and his crew, including the wonderfully helpful Ed and Desire, for putting together a lip-smacking assortment of Cuban dishes for our enjoyment. We’re still dreaming about those tostones. Thank you.

Ah, the mojitos.

We would like to thank Elspeth Savani and Ricardo Guity for their fascinating description of the interplay between Cuban religion and music. The call-and-response singing was such fun!

We would also like to thank David Trejo and Kevin Connor who joined Elspeth to perform Son and Changui music. Your energy and talent inspired us all, and transformed the Cultural Center into a Cuban dance club!

We all had such fun!

Finally, we would like to express our most sincere thanks to Mary Fisher from the Cultus Bay Nursery for the loan of all the lovely plants; to Robbie Cribbs for videography and lighting; and to our wonderful crew of staff and volunteers without whom none of this would have been possible! Thank you Abi, Collin, Joy, Can, Ladd, Paul, Chris, Carol, Christine, Ana, Micah, Gretchen, Marjorie, Laura, Lisa, Mira, Jacob, and Danielle!