Sharing Our Earth

Life, I mean the daily stuff, begins and ends with family. Family … well, we all know about family. The messy, impossible, heart-breakingly beautiful, love it or hated but can’t get away from it reality of family.  Everybody’s got one.

The human family, on a scale of nations and cultures, is not much different in it’s dynamics.  However, unlike our family of origin, from which arguably, we have the option to get away, on the global scale, that option does not exist.  Where will we go? Mars?  Terra-forming science fiction novels aside, this one small planet that we inhabit harbors the only life we know to exist in the entire cosmos. It’s just us, folks. Right here & now. We are going to have to figure out how to live together, before we kill each other off or destroy the very fabric of that “home” which sustains us. This is not news, it’s just becoming more clear, and more urgent.
Sometimes, to live together means putting up with it; finding ways under and around. Sometimes it means growing in understanding and our ability to synergize better outcomes from combined efforts. Sometimes it means an intervention – mobilizing resources and applying force on the tipping points of change.
Our mission at NWLACC is connecting the local, to the global. Finding any and all means for cultivating the awareness and understanding of what it takes to be part of this diverse human family, so that we can develop the skills to solve our global problems and live together in harmony.
Join with us and the more than 1 billion individuals and communities to mark and celebrate Earth Day, April 22, in honor of our common home, planet Earth.   The 2017 Earth Day theme is Environmental & Climate Literacy. To that we at NWLACC add, cultural literacy, surviving together
Please check our blog often throughout the month of April to learn practical ways different cultures are already making positive choices to protect our planet, such as ‘Cooking with Pillows in Uzbekistan.’