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Japanese Maple


” Quincy and I, once again, enjoyed coming to Masa’s workshop this year. I always learn a little about pruning and a lot about the philosophy of life from Masa.  We really appreciate these events you put on!”
– Ken Pilcher


“On April 29th, participants gathered under a steely cold sky for the seventh annual NWLACC Japanese Pruning Workshop, featuring renowned Master Gardener, Masa Mizuno. Appropriate to NWLACC’s cross-cultural mission, this year’s event was held in a beautiful French-inspired garden, and benefited the Center’s Global Cultures children’s program. This was my first year attending, though I had been interested each year before. It was worth the wait! Informal in structure, but full of practical information, the workshop lead us around the gorgeous garden, watching and discussing as Masa and his apprentice, Samuel Hendrix, demonstrated pruning techniques on a Paper Bark Maple, an Azara, and a Korean Dogwood. The information ranged as naturally as conversation, with Masa fielding questions from participants throughout and continually offering priceless vignettes from his vast horticultural knowledge. For me, the most valuable part of all was watching the Master Gardener’s process of selection as he expertly shaped seemingly tangled trees into truly beautiful works of natural art. As Masa emphasized, however, the gardener should not impose his or her will upon a plant or tree and expect good results. Rather, the idea is to discover the form within the plant in question and work with nature to bring out and emphasize that essence. Masa teasingly pointed out that we all know what we need to do already, we are just afraid to do it, for fear of making a mistake. Throughout the workshop he demystified the basic principles of pruning and shaping, highlighting the practical, simple process by which most plants and trees can be approached. By observing space and patterns of growth, working with the nature of the plant, and identifying potential future problems, anyone can care for and create beautiful, healthy plants. And, of course, taking next year’s workshop wouldn’t hurt either!”

-Danielle Dubail




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