Open House with Um Gosto Do Brasil

Wednesday, January 16th

5:00 – 7:00 pm

Whet your appetite for our upcoming Brazilian Language of Food event on February 16th with a happy hour and open house featuring live music by UM GOSTO DO BRASIL, the trio comprising Keegan Harshman, Shaun Fairfield and Paul Rigby.

The group is touring in support of their upcoming trip to Brazil to study Choro-style improvisational music.  “Choro,” which means “cry” or “lament,” is, despite its name, a popular Brazilian instrumental style featuring fast, upbeat rhythms, syncopation, and counterpoint.  Like Ragtime in the US or Argentinian Tango, it combines influences from both Africa and Europe, and is hugely influential in the history of Brazilian music. According to Brazilian singer Aquiles Rique Reis, “Choro is classical music played with bare feet and callus on the hands.”

Join Um Gosto Do Brasil for a taste of choro and support their cross-cultural musical exchange as you enjoy complimentary refreshments, lively conversation, and get a sneak peak at our 2013 programs and events.  We look forward to seeing you here!

NW Language and Cultural Center

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