Language of Food: The Heart of Cuba

Dear Friends,

Join us as we travel to the heart of the enigmatic island nation of Cuba as our Language of Food Series continues on Saturday, August 6th, from 6pm-9pm.

Discover the traditions of Yoruba, Locumi, and Santeria and learn how these religious roots influenced the development of Cuban music. Experience a real Orisha ceremony and delight in the thrilling pull of call and response percussion. Excite your senses with the pulse of Son and Changuí music! Feast on roast pork, yucca, plantains and congri!

NWLA is delighted to welcome Elspeth Savani, founder of Orchestra Zarabanda, and percussionist Ricardo Guity, who will present a call-and-response sacred song workshop focused on the Afro-Cuban Lucumí religion. In this workshop you will learn about the major deities (orishas) and their influence in Cuban popular culture, the essential components of an Orisha ceremony, and the Yoruban roots of this highly codified drumming, song and dance expression. We hope you will come away with a deeper appreciation and understanding of Cuban culture and sacred music.

Following this workshop, Elspeth and Ricardo will be joined by Kevin Connorand and David Trejofor, of Los Supersones, for a performance of Cuba’s rootsy, dance-friendly Son and Changui music. Kick up your feet and let the music take you!

The event will be held at The NWLA Cultural Center in Langley. Overnight accommodations are available in the Center’s comfortable guestrooms.

These events sell out fast! Reserve now! Contact NWLA at 360-321-2101 or [email protected].

Don’t forget to stay tuned to the blog and Facebook page in the coming weeks for juicy cultural information and Cuban trivia!

Event Tickets: $65

NWLA Cultural Center
5023 Langley Rd
Langley, WA 98260