Language of Food Scandinavia: Save the Date!

Save the Date! Language of Food: Scandinavia

December 1st, 2012 at the Northwest Language and Cultural Center

Celebrate the beginning of winter and the Pacific Northwest’s Scandinavian heritage at NWLA’s last Language of Food event of 2012.  Experience the traditions of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark at a cozy carnival filled with the pungent smells of ginger cookies and glögg, sheep’s wool tree decorations, and fairytale characters like Hulder and the Trolls. Guest will dine on a smörgåsbord of traditional Scandinavian delicasies: meatballs, gravlax, pickled herring, dumplings, lingonberry jam and more, and enjoy epic Norwegian ballads and the sounds of the Hardanger fiddle. Seat are limited; reserve your place today.

The event will be held at the Northwest Language and Cultural Center in Langley, WA. To reserve tickets, or for more details, call NWLA at 360-321-2101 or email [email protected]

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