It Almost Summer Camp Season!

2011 Summer Language Day Camps
French * Spanish * Chinese * Japanese

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Located on Whidbey Island, NWLA’s Summer Language Day Camps provide language immersion in a beautiful outdoor setting,reinforced by fun, age-appropriate activities. Now in their 15th year, NWLA’s popular summer camps allow students to explore a country’s customs while easily learning the language with lasting results.

Every year, each camp reinvents itself through a new theme which informs the structure of the week’s activities, fieldtrips, and play. Read on to learn about this year’s exciting camps!

For Kids (Ages 7-13*)

*Older students may apply for counselor-in-training positions.

Children enjoy a week filled with all the joys of summer camp, while being exposed to another language: music, arts & crafts, exuberant games, and quiet moments in the shade. Campers enjoy ethnic food, activities like kites on the beach, flamenco, tai-chi, as well as making and playing musical instruments. The week culminates with the presentation of an original play to the community.

Times: 9:30am-3:30pm
Tuition: $300


French Camp: Château et Chevalier
July 18-22

Fun and creative cultural arts, music, games, food and uniquely French delights will weave language and ancient customs into a memorable summer experience for kids and families. Visits to local glass blowers and lavender farms, traveling troubadours, fencing demonstrations, puppet shows, special costumes and an original play are just some of the possibilities on the menu. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expose your children to the language and culture of France at the age when it will really make a difference in their lives, and their future. Great summer fun for the whole family!

Chinese Camp: The Magical Characters
July 25-29

Come play and explore the wondrous world of the magical characters! Through Chinese folk songs and dance, traditional games and activities such as kite-making, Chinese paper cutting, and pen-brush writing and painting, and language immersion, campers of all levels will learn the meanings and stories of 50 Chinese Characters. They will taste and learn to make delicious Chinese cuisine, and the fun-filled week will conclude with the presentation of an original skit to family and friends.


Spanish Camp: Don Quixote
August 1-5

Offer your whole family an unforgettable summer learning Spanish with Don Quixote. Explore language, culture, music, crafts, food and more through the classical tale of Spanish chivalry and adventure. Meet a brave and noble knight, a humble squire, and a beautiful damsel as we explore and re-create landscape, the drama, and the humor of Spain’s greatest literary character. Fencing, puppetry, and drama will round out the week. An original play will be presented to the community on Friday, August 5th. Teachers are native speakers that bring passion and experience to the group.

Japanese Camp:Nihongo
August 8-12

Japanese Camp provides a rich opportunity to learn new vocabulary and enjoy many cultural activities in a unique and fun summer camp. Activities will include visit to Zen monastery, Japanese monks and local farm run by a Japanese speaking friend, original animal origami, introduction to traditional calligraphy, professional Butoh dancer, anime dmekko doubitsu, and many other summer camp activities. Language is taught at all levels of proficiency, so that campers with no prior knowledge of the language are comfortable, and those who already have a foundation can expand their skills.

Preschooler and Parent Camps
(Ages 2-6)

French: July 25- 29
Spanish: August 8-12

This program is designed for parents -or grandparents- and their children to learn a language together. Through play and gentle, age appropriate activities, participants build a repertoire in the target language, which becomes part of their family’s traditions.

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Tuition: $275

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Family Lodging at the Cultural Center

The NWLA Cultural Center offers comfortable B&B accommodations located on 3 acre of landscaped grounds within walking distance of Langley. With ample room to play and explore, rest and relax, our facility is an ideal getaway for families wishing to vacation on Whidbey Island. Call 360.321.2101 or email [email protected] to learn more!