Middle School Global Cultures Experience

Helping students develop the critical skills necessary for living in our Global Society.

   Healthy Eating in Different Cultures

What does healthy eating look like around the world? 6th and 7th grade students in Susan Milan’s Health and Wellness class can now give you the answer. In the first session, students learned about healthy eating in Japan, Lebanon and Russia and how climate influences different cultures’ crops, but tasting the delicious traditional food from around the world was the highlight of each lesson! At NWLACC, we believe the best learning occurs through first-hand experience. Capitalizing on the middle-grades penchant for adventure and exploration, the Global Cultures Experience engages students in fun, hands on, primary experience of language and culture through games, film, art, storytelling, music, and presentation of traditions and activities from around the world. Sessions are led by NWLACC’s teachers, supported by a team of multi-lingual cultural presenters and special guests with direct experience of the target culture.

NWLACC offers these programs to students free of charge! Support the Global Cultures Experience by donating to the matching grant campaign!



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