Playgroups and After-School Programs


FRENCH PLAY GROUPTuesdays 10:30-11:30am February 20th to April 3rd 2018


Our After-School Programs are a unique opportunity to begin language and cultural education in the early grades. Elementary and Intermediate school aged children are uniquely suited to learn a second language and expand their cultural horizons. Research has shown that the brain’s architecture continues forming through the age of 12, laying the foundations for lifelong thinking, language, vision, attitudes, and abilities. It will never be this easy to learn a second language again!

With our activities-based approach, led by energetic, culturally-fluent instructors, we allow Elementary and Intermediate school students to expand global awareness through targeted cultural activities and immersion in the living atmosphere of a language.  In these programs, young learners take the first steps toward becoming true global citizens, laying lifelong foundations for cultural fluency and second-language learning.

Boost your child’s cognitive and social skills and build a foundation for future language learning, while enjoying a special time together! Our preschooler program is designed for children and adults to learn the language together. Through play and gentle, age-appropriate activities and games, participants build up a repertoire of words and phrases that can become part of everyday family life.

 Questions? please contact us at 360-321-2101 or email us at [email protected]