COVID-19 Public Health & Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: July 15, 2021

NWLACC Summer Language Camps 2021  will follow the COVID-19 risk management protocols and guidelines established by WA State, with recommendations from the American Camp Association and the CDC. These protocols are subject to change in accordance with state and federal guidelines. 

Our camps are outdoors. Campers will be asked to practice rigorous personal hygiene and sanitation. Our staff and volunteers are vaccinated and/or have negative up-to date Antigen Tests . If the current guidelines from Washington state,  ACA and the CDC continue to allow, our camp leaders will not wear masks  (or wear transparent masks).  

Being able to see lips and mouth movement is important for language learners. As such, we are arranging the camp environment fully outdoors so that people can be more comfortable not wearing masks. For consistency, all campers will also not be required to wear face masks, but can do so if they prefer, or their family feels it adds to their safety and security. 

This is all subject to change.  We will observe the latest guideline and update you prior to when the camp starts.

Our camps are typically very small – with 10 – 12 students max. Should the number be greater we will create small- group cohorts for the week.  We ask that summer camp families please commit to taking your child’s temperature before attending each morning and having your camper stay home if they are not feeling well. For detailed information regarding recent day camp protocols please visit: camps.html#anchor_1621975843071 

Please contact me prior to camp start date if you have any questions or concerns. 

Josette Hendrix

[email protected]