Celebrate Brazil! The Medicinal Amazon

For the first time, NWLA is expanding our popular Language of Food event into a weeklong exploration of all things Brazil! The workshops begin February 13th and run through February 16th. The week culminates Saturday night, with an evening of spectacular food, music and dance, featuring the exceptional talents of Eduardo Mendonça and Show Brazil! Learn more.

The Medicinal Amazon, with Dr. Steve Morris & Dr. Aaron Morris
Saturday, February 16th, 11:30am – 1:30pm

morrissHerbalist and ethnobotanist Dr. Steve Morris ND and his son Dr. Aaron Morris ND will share personal experiences of working with native healers and collecting medicinal plants in the Amazon rainforest. Expect a workshop full of discovery, information and also hands-on technique as you learn how to make your own healing salves and preparations.

Pre-registration only. Seating is limited, reserve early. $35
Call 360-321-2101 or email info(at)nwlanguageacademy(dot)com.

Learn more about Drs. Morris on their website.

Q&A with Dr. Steve Morris of Mukilteo Natural Health Clinic

When and how did you develop your passion for herbal medicines?

I have been an organic farmer for the past 30 years. My family grows and consumes our own foods, including fruits, vegetables, and even honey from our own bees. We also cultivate over 200 varieties of herbs. My passion for botanical medicine bloomed after working with Dr. Bastyr and Dr. James Duke, both pioneers and experts in the field.

You have catered to children in your practice for 20 years. What is your focus when it comes to their care?

My predominant focus is holistic nutrition. I have always emphasized the importance of common-sense nutrition, including avoidance of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colors. As much as possible, I recommend certified organic whole foods. The other main focus of my practice is nutritional and botanical supplementation, especially to address the effects of the environment and of the busy and stressful lifestyles our children lead today.

What are some of the greatest challenges for you and for parents when it comes to keeping kids healthy?

It has become increasingly difficult to shield children from harsh environmental contaminants. That is why I focus so much on a holistic nutrition approach combined with vitamin, mineral and botanical reinforcement, especially for the immune and gastrointestinal systems. Getting families to understand that adopting healthy nutritional and botanical practices is a way of life, not a temporary fix, can also be challenging.

What products have served as the core of your recommendations over the years?

I always recommend a top quality multivitamin along with extra vitamin C and flavonoids daily. This is to supplement the deficiencies that may be occurring in the diet as well as to bolster the immune system. I published a paper in 1987 on deficient soils and the negative impact on nutrition. In that article, I pointed out the lack of selenium, zinc, and B vitamins in soils today as the result of mono crop farming. That’s why multivitamins fill in the deficiencies that occur in even a healthy diet. Essential fatty acids are also of utmost importance when it comes to cognitive and mental function. Unfortunately, poor nutrition (soda, sugar, caffeine, etc.) depletes their stores in the body.