Enriching Students with Global Culture, Part 2

In partnership with the South Whidbey Schools Foundation and Langley Middle School PTSA, NWLA has created a program at Langley Middle School called Global Cultures Enrichment. In a previous post, we looked at the students’ encounter with cultures of Japan and Africa […]

Midsommarfest: Nordic Cuisine

By now, almost everyone has probably tried smoked salmon, Norway’s best-known culinary export.  And, thanks in part to the food courts at IKEA, the world has been introduced too to the traditional Nordic flavors of gravlax, lingonberries, juniper, meatballs, and […]

Enriching Students with Global Culture

With the support of South Whidbey Schools Foundation and Langley Middle School PTSA, NWLA has created a new program for the schools called Global Cultures Enrichment.  This program helps students develop a foundation for world languages and celebrates the many cultures […]

Masa Mizuno Workshop Retrospective

Our 5th annual Japanese Pruning workshop with Masa Mizuno was one of the best to date! Hosted at the lovely home of David Welton and Georgia Edwards, a lively group of participants was once again privileged to witness the magic transformations that […]

Welcome to Türkiye: Meet the Performers

We have just over a week to go until our next Language of Food Event on March 28th, celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Turkey.  In anticipation, here’s a look at some of the wonderful performers who will be bringing […]

Treasures of Turkey

A forum on contemporary Turkey- the riches it offers the traveler, and where it stands, culturally and politically, in the region and the world. Join us on March 22nd for “Treasures of Turkey,” the first event in our celebration of […]

Welcome to Türkiye: The Story of Turkish Cuisine

On March 28th at our Language of Food event, “Welcome to Türkiye,” Süreyya Gökeri of Seattle’s fabulous Cafe Turko will lead a cooking class focused on Turkish cuisine that can be made quickly and easily with seasonal ingredients.  Participants will […]

Yolka: The Holidays in Russia

Join us on December 6th for “Yolka: Language of Food Russia” to experience the holiday traditions of the world’s largest country! What holiday traditions are those? Learn a little about them below. For much of the 20th century, there was […]

Yolka: Russian Bazaar

As a special holiday treat at our Yolka: Language of Food Russia event, we’re adding a Russian Bazaar to the evening’s activities.  Guests are invited to shop a selection of gifts and handicrafts imported from Russia just for us, including ornaments, […]