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Since 2010 NWLACC has been blessed to occupy the beautiful 2 ½ acre facility and Guesthouse near Langley, leased to NWLACC by the REC Foundation at no cost, in exchange for tenant type maintenance.  The Foundation also generously provided close to a third of the operating fund. As of 2016 other interests are taking over the REC Foundation and we are being asked to move.  The community has rallied and we have a Capital Campaign planned to transition NWLACC into a more secure and bright future so that we can continue to  do what we do best : foster well-being and harmony across diversity for our community.

We are the only organization on Whidbey Island working to bring the global dimension to our local community.

HELP NWLACC Transition to a new facility and sustain Global Education in our community 

We are planning a Capital Campaign over the course of the next 24 months to raise $650,000. The funds will be used to secure a new facility and to ensure our financial capacity to maintain and develop the Global Cultures Program in the Schools.

We need to raise $100,000 by January 2018 to stabilize our operating fund.

Please  help us.  Offer your support today. There are many ways to participate – give money, give time, be an advocate for intercultural understanding! Donate or pledge today by clicking here.

Global Cultures Experience (GCE) The GCE is a program in partnership with the SW Schools District, which for the past two years has brought 654 students from Kindergarten – 2nd grade and 6th – 8th , 38 teachers and administrators, 64 parent volunteers, in direct contact with people from other cultures in hands on, project based experiences, for genuine learning and exchange. In 2018, we are poised to offer this important global education program to also include 3rd – 5th grades and further integrate it into the middle school and high school curriculum.

English Residential Programs (ERP) The ERP brings international tourism to Whidbey. Since 2011 we have hosted 198 visitors from Japan, Taiwan and China for these “Learn English in America” programs. Lodging, three quality meals a day sourced from local farms, dynamic language instruction and visit local business, galleries and service organizations are some of the highlights of this unique, life changing experience that enriches all who participate.


Donate or pledge today by clicking here!