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Cultural Seeds

“Seed” is Bija in Sanskrit, Shīdo in Japanese, Zhǒngzǐ in Chinese, Seme in Italian, Semilla in Spanish, Semence in French, семена in Bulgarian, and is universally translated as the source of life and the origin of food. Across all languages […]

At Heart We’re All The Same

In heart we’re all the same… maybe. As eighty kindergarten children eagerly get off the school bus at the NWLA Cultural Center, sparkly-eyed and jostling to join in the big circle, we sing the GCP theme song: “In Heart We’re […]

Finding Common Ground Through Celebration

Every culture around the world knows how to party and has its own special ways of doing so.  The sharing of music, dance, cuisine and libations are always at the core of any cultural celebration.  When seeking common ground throughout […]

Daring to Engage, written by David Minger

We are asking for a moment of your time and attention, to learn more about NWLACC and the Global Cultures Program (GCP), in partnership with the SW Schools, which strives to prepare students for success and leadership in our increasingly […]

A Window Into Our Chinese Residential Program

This last week we were graced with the presence of new friends who made the long journey all the way from Tianjin China to Whidbey Island.  The Northwest Language and Cultural Center (NWLACC) in Langley, has been working for the […]

Children: The Value of Cultural Diversity

When a foreign culture is revealed to a child, a world of possibilities is brought to light.  When children are provided with experiences where they are immersed in new sounds, language, dress, cuisine, songs and fables, it arouses their curiosity […]

Peace Education Program

It is through the discovery of personal peace that world peace will emerge. NWLACC is pleased to host the first Peace Education Program (PEP) on Whidbey Island. An innovative educational program that is currently being offered around the world, this […]

Una Festa Siciliana: The Performers

NWLACC’s fifth annual gala, Una Festa Siciliana, will take place on October 17th at a private residence on Sunlight Beach, Whidbey Island.  The event will feature the considerable talents of tenor Frank Poretta and soprano Jennifer Poretta, whose belief in NWLA’s […]

Enriching Students with Global Culture, Part 2

In partnership with the South Whidbey Schools Foundation and Langley Middle School PTSA, NWLA has created a program at Langley Middle School called Global Cultures Enrichment. In a previous post, we looked at the students’ encounter with cultures of Japan and Africa […]