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Taste of India: Banquet Menu

We are excited to announce the menu for the Taste of India banquet. Lavanya Reddy and volunteers from the Federation of Indian American Associations of WA (FIWA) will delight our taste buds with the following Indian recipes: MENU Appetizer and Salad […]

Taste of India: Banquet

The Taste of India Banquet will take place following the cooking class, on Saturday, July 15th from 5:30-9:00pm. A colorful, delicious and entertaining evening of fun, food, music and dance will certainly delight our guests! Experience the aromatic tastes of […]

Taste of India: Cooking Class

Join us on Saturday, July 15th from 2:00-5:00 for an Indian Cooking Class, presented by culinary instructor, Archana Verma. Archana Verma was raised in a food household in Northern India. Her mother was an avid cook and her father was […]

Child’s Play is A Serious Business

  Written by Josette Hendrix   Summer is all about children, family and community. It’s early July 1996, in a Whidbey Island backyard. Finally the rains have ceased, the sun is warm, and everything sparkles with shades of deep green. […]

Celebrating International Friendship

Written by Carol Heywood Participation in the International Children’s Friendship Festival led to my coming away with a true sense of hope for the future. NWLACC’s Friendship Flag project was featured at the festival and I was struck by the […]

Cooking with Pillows

Uzbek Plov Plov [plohf] is a cult dish not only in its homeland Uzbekistan, but all over the former Soviet Republics and Russia. A hearty one-pot rice dish cooked in lamb fat with onions and carrots, it has many variations. […]

Sharing Our Earth

Life, I mean the daily stuff, begins and ends with family. Family … well, we all know about family. The messy, impossible, heart-breakingly beautiful, love it or hated but can’t get away from it reality of family.  Everybody’s got one. […]

Cultural Seeds

“Seed” is Bija in Sanskrit, Shīdo in Japanese, Zhǒngzǐ in Chinese, Seme in Italian, Semilla in Spanish, Semence in French, семена in Bulgarian, and is universally translated as the source of life and the origin of food. Across all languages […]

At Heart We’re All The Same

In heart we’re all the same… maybe. As eighty kindergarten children eagerly get off the school bus at the NWLA Cultural Center, sparkly-eyed and jostling to join in the big circle, we sing the GCP theme song: “In Heart We’re […]