Bavaria Festival: Thank You!

Last weekend’s Bavaria Festival was a wonderful celebration of NWLA’s mission, as well as a crucial source of funding to continue what we do.  Thanks to all who participated, we were able to raise $28,000 to carry on NWLA’s good work in our community.  We want to thank everyone who attended, the marvelous performers, Cultivar Catering, volunteer servers, bakers, and all who bid on the quality items in our auction.  Thanks too to Eleni Matos for her tremendous recital.  The fact that there are so many people to thank is a true testament to the support of this community!
A huge thank you is especially due to our many volunteers, whose boundless enthusiasm made organizing this great event not only possible, but a great deal of fun as well.  Our thanks goes out to:
Sigi & Rob Johnson, Cheryl Kamera, Norm & Danielle Bodine, Gena Stiles, Kenda Orr, Vlasta Carawayova, Missy & John Villapudua, Kate Rowan, Kristine Collins, Chris William, Andrea Benson, Ted Ravitz, Susan Prescott, Jane Seymour, Trevor & Lulu Snow, Margaret Nance, Searwit Hailu, Gina Simpson, Max Takanikos, Natasha, Mei Mei Hensler, Cynthia Kaul, Paul Matthews, Lily Simpson, Arron Simpson, Evan Derickson, Bill Hallstead, Karen McInerney, Dianne Iverson, Sheila Weindendorf, Victoria  Jordan, Kathleen Woods, Sue Waters, Inge Roberts, and Coyla Shepard.
We would be hugely remiss not to mention those whose generosity made our auction possible with their donations of items, gift certificates, and services. The long list of donors represented many of the great individuals and businesses here on Whidbey Island.  Thank you to:
Linds, Blooms Winery, Matt’s Import Haven, Christophers Fine Dining, Greenbank Cheese, Mukilteo Coffee, Dancing Fish Farmhouse, Gordon’s on Blueberry Hill, the Greenbank Grille, the Goose, Prima Bistro, Francis Arnold, John Clement Photography, Shipki Farm, Steve Layman, Vlasta, David Speer, WICA, 2nd Street Hair Boutique, Cynthia Morrow, and SW Animal Clinic.
Last, but nowhere near least, we are incredibly grateful to those whose generous donations will help ensure that NWLA continues to be able to share its mission of intercultural understanding with the local community and beyond. Our sincere gratitude to:
Norm & Danielle Bodine, Robert E. Crawford, David & Carole Speers, Artie & JoAnne Kane, Barb & John Prochnau, Kim Robbinson & Paul Hays, Dennis & Cheryl Kamera, Pam Schell, Manuel Gonzales, Inge & John Roberts, Sandra Jarvis, Carolyn Hart, Patti King, Sue Waters, Shirlee Reed, and Anne Shih.
Special gratitude to Marion Henny for her graciousness in hosting the event.
Without the support of our community, we would be nowhere.  So thank you to all who participated, in ways large and small, in making the gala such a great success, and we look forward to seeing you at another event this fall!