Welcome to Türkiye: The Story of Turkish Cuisine

On March 28th at our Language of Food event, “Welcome to Türkiye,” Süreyya Gökeri of Seattle’s fabulous Cafe Turko will lead a cooking class focused on Turkish cuisine that can be made quickly and easily with seasonal ingredients.  Participants will […]

Yolka: The Holidays in Russia

Join us on December 6th for “Yolka: Language of Food Russia” to experience the holiday traditions of the world’s largest country! What holiday traditions are those? Learn a little about them below. For much of the 20th century, there was […]

Yolka: Russian Bazaar

As a special holiday treat at our Yolka: Language of Food Russia event, we’re adding a Russian Bazaar to the evening’s activities.  Guests are invited to shop a selection of gifts and handicrafts imported from Russia just for us, including ornaments, […]

Yolka: The Performers

On December 6th, NWLA will host “Yolka,” another installment of our popular Language of Food Series, focused this time on the holiday traditions of Russia.  The event will, as always, feature delicious food – and the opportunity for guests to […]

Bavaria Festival: Thank You!

Last weekend’s Bavaria Festival was a wonderful celebration of NWLA’s mission, as well as a crucial source of funding to continue what we do.  Thanks to all who participated, we were able to raise $28,000 to carry on NWLA’s good […]

Stories of the Iu Mienh

On April 5th, 2014, NWLA’s Language of Food series will continue with “Stories of the Iu Mienh,” offering a rare opportunity to share in the cultural traditions of this remarkable group of people. WHO ARE THE IU MIENH? The Iu […]

Language of Food Bulgaria: Discover Bulgarian Cuisine

NWLA’s Language of Food Bulgaria event is fast approaching! Our menu for the evening promises to be a delicious sampling of Bulgaria’s healthy, multifaceted cuisine, including popular national dishes like banitsa, shopska salat, kyopolou, moussaka, kebapcheta, and baklava.  If these names leave you perplexed, not […]