Guada Ruiz

Child’s Play is A Serious Business

  Written by Josette Hendrix   Summer is all about children, family and community. It’s early July 1996, in a Whidbey Island backyard. Finally the rains have ceased, the sun is warm, and everything sparkles with shades of deep green. […]

Celebrating International Friendship

Written by Carol Heywood Participation in the International Children’s Friendship Festival led to my coming away with a true sense of hope for the future. NWLACC’s Friendship Flag project was featured at the festival and I was struck by the […]

Cultural Seeds

“Seed” is Bija in Sanskrit, Shīdo in Japanese, Zhǒngzǐ in Chinese, Seme in Italian, Semilla in Spanish, Semence in French, семена in Bulgarian, and is universally translated as the source of life and the origin of food. Across all languages […]