The Heart of Cuba: Musician Profiles

Elspeth Savani: Vocals, Orisha ceremony While attending Wesleyan University, Elspeth studied classical voice West African drumming and South Indian vocal music. After receiving her BA in Music, she immersed herself in classical voice performance. Shortly after moving to Seattle, Elspeth […]

The Heart of Cuba: Dinner Menu

Saturday’s Language of Food: The Heart of Cuba is fast approaching! Our wonderful chef for this event, Sergio Martinez, has wet our palettes by sharing his event menu! Below are some of the delicious Cuban dishes that you can expect […]

Music of Cuba

The music of Cuba has evolved from the instruments and dances of Europe (primarily Spain) and Africa (especially West Africa) into a range of creolized musical styles. Unfortunately, almost nothing remains of indigenous musical traditions. Cuban music has enjoyed huge […]

Cuban Cuisine

In the cuisine of Cuba, spices and techniques from Spain and Africa mingle with Caribbean sensibilities and flavor. Not unlike the island itself, Cuban food exists at the intersection of cultural influences, distilled into an altogether unique national style. The […]

Cuba: Creating Identity

By Jenny Hendrix I know very little about Cuba. What I do know comes from grainy images of old cars parked against Havana’s crumbling pastel walls, from Ricky Ricardo’s bongos on “Babalu,” from that Buena Vista Social Club song that’s […]

Language of Food: The Heart of Cuba

Dear Friends, Join us as we travel to the heart of the enigmatic island nation of Cuba as our Language of Food Series continues on Saturday, August 6th, from 6pm-9pm. Discover the traditions of Yoruba, Locumi, and Santeria and learn […]

Le Camp Français

Since its inception in 1996 as “French Day”, NWLA’s French Camp, or Le Camp Français, has been a cherished part of the summer for many Island families. Over the last 15 years, scores of children have come through the camps, […]

It Almost Summer Camp Season!

2011 Summer Language Day Camps French * Spanish * Chinese * Japanese Scholarships and Sibling Discounts are available! We welcome your inquiries and contributions! [email protected] | 360.321.2101 Located on Whidbey Island, NWLA’s Summer Language Day Camps provide language immersion in […]