“I see your organization as a very positive force. Thank you for your hard work!”

David Minger

“We see the need all around – to communicate and respect difference, while working together to solve difficult problems…this is urgent now. Thank you for holding this important work.”

Wiesje Baskervillle

On French Camp

The kids loved it! I especially like the performance at the end, along with the buffet. I don’t know of anything that I would change. It was a truly positive experience for the kids as well as the adults. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

All the best,

Bethany Kennedy

On Global Cultures Experience

“I realized the enthusiasm from the kids who were meeting someone for the first time from another country-someone who spoke a different language. It will be fun to see who these students become in the global community. I feel I did my part in planting that seed.”

Paul Mwakutuya, Writer & Native Presenter from Zimbabwe

“Learning about other cultures, we learned that people don’t judge other people because o how they act. We all act differently because of our culture.”

Rebecca, 12 year old student

“I think it’s important because we can connect with people all over the world so we can communicate ideas.”

Aiden, 12-year-old student

“With this program, you dive deeper into the culture. We had people coming from Zimbabwe. We ate food together and danced with them, we really got to interact and see how other people are just so friendly. It’s a really good program.”

-14 year old student