A Taste of India: Meet the Chefs!

Devi Prabha Prasad

Prabha Devi is my professional name. I got my Master’s degree in Music from University of Sayajjirao, in India. I have given a lot of performances in many countries. I was featured in the Seattle Times and Post Intellingencr. I am retired now but I lectured in many Universities and Colleges in 17 States on Indian Music and Aesthetics. This was sponsored by the National Assemblies of Hollywood.

My late husband and I opened the very first Indian restaurant in Seattle in 1968. I have had the opportunity to cook on Channel 5 with Bee Donovan (a very well known person in culinary arts). I was also a chef at India House when it first opened. I am still teaching Indian Music, etc. and I have students that come from Whidbey Island as well as from other places. Lastly, I have demonstrated Indian Cooking, on Whidbey Island and elsewhere.

Sanjay Kawad

Visit Sanjay’s blog, A Hint of Saffron!

Hi, I am Sanjay. My profession is in the computer industry where I work as a program manager. I am glad that I got into this as not only does it help me develop my food and photography but also share it with the world. I truly enjoy experimenting with various dishes and creating new ones. I am originally from India and have been living in the U.S. with my wife and daughter for 20 years. Currently, I live in Seattle.

Lots of my friends and coworkers who know me were wondering if I would start a restaurant. I decided to start a cooking blog instead of a restaurant since it is much more fun and I can reach a wide and diverse group of people. Maybe one day when I am ready, I will look into starting a restaurant. My ideas for an Indian restaurant are very different from the Indian restaurants that people are used to. I would change the menu every few weeks and introduce people to the regional foods of the country. The restaurant would be an interactive experience where I can educate the patrons on the dishes they are trying and gently coax them to try different things from the menu. I would not serve the same old food that most restaurants serve. Hopefully one day I can fulfill my dream.