A look back at Julefest (and thanks!)

NWLA’s Julefest celebration was absolutely magical, and a fitting way to begin the holiday season.  Below are a few looks at the night’s festivities and all the people who helped to make it happen.
NWLA would like to thank the volunteers whose time and effort made this event possible: Lena Svensson, who together with her assistant Lena Massengale & volunteer Kristine Makela created our stunning Smorgasbord of Swedish delicacies; Kim Neel, who did the shopping; Chris Williams, for everything; Julie and Dick Jaulus; Jerene, for her help with the cooking class; DeAnn Olsen, for baking our desserts and helping serve; Karen Vanderbilt, whose decor brought the event to life; Lena Goodwin, for serving; Pat Brennan, Anna Mastronardi, Helene Chandler and Ron Roesler for set up and decor; Kate Rowan and her lovely niece Miriam, for all kinds of amazing help; and a huge thanks to The SHIPKI FARM CREW: Dodd Reece, Dylan Scoles and  Gabe Adams for set-up & cleanup help, as well as to Steve Arnold, Rob Svensson, Lewis, Sam Hendrix, Danielle Hendrix, for photography, and Jacob Dubail for tending bar.  We couldn’t have done it without you!
Chef Lena Svensson wrote us: “What a fantastic turnout yesterday- I really FELT like I was in Sweden. A fabulous community event indeed!”
The performances at this event were second to none! Thanks to Sue Larson & her Young Skandia Dancers for the beautiful “Santa Lucia Tag”; the NW Nordic Ladies Choir (Rita Belvill, Kristi Lee, Carolyn Otterness, Karen Pauley, Ginny Wegenast, Kristina Wibbens, director Jerilyn Wibbens and accompanist Rachel Rothenberger) for sharing their beautiful voices; Vern and Karl Olsen, for the lively music; and to our Scandinavian folk dancers: Don Meyers and Kathi Ploeger, Judy Patterson, Jerry Walsh, Beverly Anderson, and Milt Anderson.
Special recognition goes out to the NWLA team, Lynae Slinden, Mira Steinbrecher, for all their work on this event, and, last but certainly not least, to our generous sponsors.  Our deep appreciation goes out to Robert Crawford and the REC Music Foundation for their continuing and dedicated support, and to the Goose Community Grocer for their support of the event.  Thanks too to the Swedish Cultural Center and the Nordic Heritage Museum for partnering with us on this event.